Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BOOK – The Grand Dukes (Hardback edition) off to print!

In late 2010, Eurohistory published THE GRAND DUKES – Sons and Grandsons of Russia's Tsars. This book is the first volume in a two-volume series covering the biographies of male Romanovs descending from Tsar Paul I.

The first edition of the book sold out within a month of publication. Two more editions of the book were printed in its original paperback form.

Late in 2012 Eurohistory decided to reprint THE GRAND DUKES in hardback to match the second volume in the series, THE OTHER GRAND DUKES – Sons and Grandsons of Russia's Grand Dukes. 

Much to our delight, all our resellers loved the idea and decided to carry the new, updated, hardback version of THE GRAND DUKES. This support made it possible for us to go ahead and rework the book to fit its new format.

Today, we released THE GRAND DUKES (hardback edition) to our printers and we expect to have copies for sale within a month!

This makes THE GRAND DUKES the fourth book Eurohistory has published in as many months!

In the works now are a new edition of Ilana Miller's THE FOUR GRACES and a book on the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg,  THE NASSAUS OF LUXEMBOURG authored by our regular contributors, the very talented Kassandra and Sabrina Pollock. Their book will be available in June 2013.

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