Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweden: Funeral of Princess Lilian of Sweden

The funeral of Princess Lilian of Sweden took place today in Stockholm. By all accounts, it was a a nicely staged send-off to a much-beloved and august woman.

The guest list included:

The Royal Family:

H.M. The King
H.M. The Queen
H.K.H. Crown Princess Victoria
H.K.H. Prince Daniel
H.K.H. Prince Carl Philip
H.K.H. Princess Madeleine
Mr. Christopher O'Neill

H.M. The King's Family:

Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler
H.K.H. Princess Birgitta
Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld
Hélène Silfverschiöld and Mr. Fredrik Diterle
Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson and
General-Consul Tord Magnuson
Gustaf Magnuson
Oscar Magnuson
Victor Magnuson
Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg
Countess Gunnila Bernadotte af Wisborg
Countess Monica Bonde
Mr. Patrick Sommerlath

H.K.H. the late Duchess of Halland's Family:

Mrs. Barbara Davis

Prince WILHELMS Descendants:

Countess Bettina Bernadotte af Wisborg

Prince OSCAR BERNADOTTE'S Descendants:

Mrs. Dagmar von Arbin
Count Oscar Bernadotte af Wisborg
Mrs. Catharina Nilert
Count Bertil Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Jill Bernadotte af Wisborg
Count Claes Bernadotte af Wisborg and Countess Birgitta Bernadotte af Wisborg


H.M. Queen Margrethe II


Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner


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