Friday, April 3, 2015

EUROHISTORY: New Book: Maria Pia, Queen of Portugal

Sabrina Pollock, co-author of the very successful The Nassaus of Luxembourg (Eurohistory, 2014), brings to us a first English-language biography of Maria Pia, consort of King Luis I of Portugal.

MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL is a fascinating study of an equally interesting royal figure that has been ignored by most English-language royal authors. The book not only examines the life of this complicated royal lady, but also brings to us a view into into a the last decades of the moribund Portuguese monarchy, overthrown in 1910.

Handsomely illustrated and well-researched, the author visiting Portugal's national archives, MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL promises to be one of the most intriguing royal stories published recently!

Our reviewers best described the book as, "simply spell-binding...I knew nothing about Maria Pia and while reading Ms. Pollock's book, I could not put it down." "It brings to life the story of a fascinating woman, a beacon of fashion and intrigue at a court facing insurmountable is as if the stars were lined to guarantee her doom!"

MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL heads to printing in a week and we expect to receive copies of the book in May 2015.

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