Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Princely Wedding in House Liechtenstein

Count Clemens Hoyos and princess Sophie von und zu Liechtenstein will marry this Saturday near Klagenfurt.

Princess Sophie is the youngest child of Prince Eugen and Princess Maria Theresia (née Countess von Goeß).

The groom, Count Clemens, is the youngest son of Count Martin Hoyos (b. 1947) and of his wife Countess Isabel von Seefried auf Buttenheim (b. 1949).

Princess Sophie's future mother-in-law is the daughter of Count Franz Joseph von Seefried auf Buttenheim (1905-1969), himself the son of Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria (1874-1957) and of Count Otto von Seefried auf Buttenheim (1870-1951. Princess Elisabeth was the first granddaughter of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and of his wife Elisabeth (née Duchess in Bavaria).

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