Monday, August 13, 2012

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden Attacked

“It’s been an emotional and overwhelming experience. We feel fine considering the circumstances, but this is an incident that we want to handle privately," the prince and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The 33-year-old prince was leaving the Baoli nightclub in Cannes, southern France, around 3am on Saturday morning when he was attacked by a man, prompting a scuffle as several people intervened.

A video of the fight (featured below) has also surfaced on the internet, where the prince is seen being hit while held in a headlock, with his girlfriend trying to diffuse the situation screaming “Darling, darling”.

The prince had spent the evening with Hellqvist, both of whom have now spoken to Swedish media “in the hope of avoiding speculation”.

“We had a pleasant night with our nearest and dearest. When we were leaving, Carl Philip was attacked by a stranger,” Sofia told Aftonbladet.

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