Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Vegas Escapade – Prince Harry's Reckoning

Now it's getting creepy: Prince Harry has gotten a porn offer.
Harry is set to meet with his exasperated father, Prince Charles, for a heart-to-heart this weekend about his naked romp in a Las Vegas hotel last week, according to British media reports.
Sin City, perturbed that its reputation as a confidential bacchanal spot has been damaged, took out a full-page ad in USA TODAY newspaper on Friday criticizing those who exploited Harry by selling pictures of him naked. "For shame!" the ad shouted. "We deplore you."
But it won't be much help to Harry as he prepares to meet his father.The Daily Mail, citing its royal sources, reports that Harry will not be taken to the woodshed for a "dressing down," but that the Dad wants to talk "father to son." Maybe ask the question, "What were you thinking?"
Meanwhile, TMZ, the U.S. gossip website that helped lay Harry bare before the world by publishing the cellphone snaps, is reporting today that a California porn purveyor offered Harry $10 million to appear in an adult film. Only that's not how TMZ put it.

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