Sunday, February 12, 2012

A French Royal Baptism in Vienna

Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn officiated over the baptism of Princess Antoinette of France, second child of the Duke and Duchess de Vendôme, Prince Jean and Princess Philomena. The couple also have a son, Prince Gaston, who is in line to become Head of House France as the Count of Paris, in a distant future.

Princess Antoinette was born in Vienna on 28 January 2012.

Supporting the young family were, among others: the Duchess de Montpensier (Prince Jean of France's mother), her sister Princess Georg of Liechtenstein, Princess Marie of France and her husband Prince Gundakar of Liechtenstein, Prince Alvaro de Orléans y Borbón, Prince Alfonso de Orléans y Borbón (Duke de Galiera), Princess Leopoldine of Liechtenstein, Count Damien of Schönborn-Buccheim (son of Princess Isabelle of France and first cousin of the Duke de Vendôme)l, and Duchess Anita of Hohenberg. Members of Princess Philomena's family were also present.

The baptism was followed by a festive gathering at Demel's, the famed Viennese patissier!


  1. Have you the name of the godparents ?

  2. Princess Léopoldine of Liechtenstei, Count Damien von Schönborn-Buchheim, Francisca Lopez de la Osa and David Tornos y Steinhart.