Thursday, February 16, 2012

Press Release From Eurohistory – ERHJ Issue LXXXIII (October 2011) Printing

Dear Subscribers,

As we near the completion of mailing Issues 80 and 81, I am very happy to inform you that Issue LXXXIII is printing!

In this issue readers will find the following articles:

1. The Bourbons of Parma –  “They can be so difficult to please ... ” (Part 1),  by Arturo E. Beéche.

2. European Royalty and the Olympic Games, by John van der Kiste.

3. A Silver Wedding Anniversary in Belgrade –  Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, by Marlene A. Eilers Koenig.

4. Scandinavian Princesses, (Part 1) by Coryne Hall.

5, Obituary: HRH Prince Rasso of Bavaria, by Edwina Tash.

6.  Obituary: The 14th Duke of Croÿ, by Richard Jay Hutto & Arturo E. Beéche.

7. Book Reviews, by Coryne Hall.

8. Royal News.

We expect this issue to arrive from the printers in about a week and will mail along with Issue LXXXII (August 2011).

Regards, Arturo Beéche


  1. how may one get this magazine? and is it in English?

  2. Just email me at and we can go from there.

    Because I battled with malignant melanoma last year (as well as cardiac stress), the magazine is catching up with last year's issues. But now all of the 2011 issues are done. Three have mailed, three are printing.

    They have fantastic articles inside and great photos and information!