Friday, February 24, 2012

The Audacity of It All!

For this story is actually rather sad...

Prince Carl Alexander of Hohenzollern, only son of the late Prince Emanuel of Hohenzollern and of his one-time wife Princess Katharina of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, has married a third time.
Emanuel and Katharina were the parents of Carl Alexander and of his sister Eugenia, who married a truck driver by the name of Alexander Sautter and used to be a shoe saleswoman in a small German town. (Not that retail is not a fulfilling profession, but for a royal princess with her background, it is a tad shocking!)

The groom's elevator doesn't reach the top never has. He was previously married to Frau Angela Stöltze, nearly 30 years his senior. His second wife was a girl from Georgia, Azlet Temurowski, but the marriage was annulled after six weeks, much to the unsuspecting bride's delight, one must wonder. Now, the daring, love-filled groom, has married a third time. His new bride is a Congo-born 21-year old by the name of Corinna Nehemie.

For some time Carl Alexander, a man without career or education to speak of, has been living under the roof of the last husband of Zsa-Zsa Gabor, the soi-dissant "Prince" Friedrich von Anhalt, who is not an Anhalt nor a prince since he purchased an adoption from an impoverished Anhalt princess who would accept money for adoptions. Lovely is it not...

An exclusive was sold to German magazine BILD, that nation's version of the National Enquirer ( smelling salts please!)...surely an escapade to raise money for the faux prince and the idiot Prince.

How sad...What some royalties have degenerated into!

To add insult to injury, the groom, his sponsor and the bride expect us credible news organizations to attend a "press conference!' REALLY...

Vraiment desolé!

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  1. Hi, Arturo....
    I think the lady pictured is actually Maya Sonja, to whom Carl Alexander was briefly engaged before his involvement with Corinna Nehemie.