Friday, February 24, 2012

Dutch Prince's Prognosis – Permanent Brain Damage...

On 24 February, it was announced that His Royal Highness Prince Johan Friso of The Netherlands has “… permanent brain damage and may never regain consciousness…," according to Wolfgang Koller, head of ICU and Trauma Center, The comments were made during a press conference at Innsbruck University Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria.

As you may remember, Prince Friso was struck by an avalanche last Friday,  while skiing in Lech, Austria.  The second son of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the late Prince Claus was buried alive for — what has now been confirmed — 25 minutes.  The search and rescue team who found Prince Johan Friso tried desperately for 50 minutes to resuscitate him.  They succeeded; however, because the Prince Friso lacked oxygen for 25 minutes his brain was permanently damaged.

At this time, the Dutch royal family are looking for a rehabilitation center for Prince Friso in the Netherlands.

All very sad news indeed!

 Prince Friso and his wife Mabel attending the wedding of his cousin the Duke of Parma.


  1. This is truely heart breaking news about the prince. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  2. well, this is very sad news for this family, but it seems it almost had to be expected, one cannot be without oxygen that long without some kind of damage, i think. he could live for many years in that condition though, which is almost not like living, i think, but often you have to say "God's will be done" and just do the best you are able. very sad for this young family.

  3. Quite sad indeed. In these situations I believe that not reviving him would have been the best option.

    I have left instructions, VERY CLEAR ones, on what is to be done if I ever have a tragedy like this one.

  4. i agree with eurohistory, not reviving him may have been the best solution but since the prince apparently left no instructions as to what should be done in a case like this, i guess the rescuers had no choice - i truly feel for the whole family!