Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Centenial of the Death of Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg

This past  Saturday, the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg visited the town of Weilburg an der Lahn, Germany, to mark the centenary of the death of Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, who died on 25 February 1912 at Castle Colmar-Berg.

The Grand Duke was greeted by the mayor, Hans-Peter Schick, whose city is also twinned with Colmar-Berg. He then reviewed the Weilburger Bürgergarde, founded in 1813 by his ancestor, the Duke Wilhelm of Nassau (1792-1839), father of the first independent Grand Duke of Luxembourg and grandfather of Guillaume IV.

The grand ducal couple then visited the chapel of Weilburg for a mass in memory of Grand Duke Guillaume IV who ruled Luxembourg from 1905 to 1912. Until 1816, this castle was the residence of the dynasty of Nassau-Weilburg before they moved to the Castle Biebrich, which then became the official residence of the Duchy of Nassau.

The castle chapel has a crypt where many representatives of the House of Nassau-Weilburg. since the late sixteenth century are resting for eternity.

It is in this place that is also located the body of Grand Duke Guillaume IV. Other former members of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg in it include: the Grand Duke Adolphe (moved here in 1953) and his second wife, the Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide, as well as couple's three children: Prince Friedrich (1854-1855), Princess Marie (1857) and Prince Franz (1859-1875).

After Mass, the grand-ducal couple has gathered to his ancestors in the crypt.

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