Sunday, September 30, 2012

Luxembourg: New Photos Released

The Grand Ducal family has released two new photos of Crown Prince Guillaume and his fiancée Stéphanie ahead of the October wedding, as well as the official monogram created especially for the occasion.
The photos, showing the happy couple, were released late on Tuesday, the same day that Luxembourg's State Council sanctioned the new law granting the Belgian countess the Luxembourg nationality.
The State Council argued that the Luxembourg nationality would allow Stéphanie to even further identify with her role as wife of the Crown Prince and future head of state, as well as the Luxembourg people.
Next up is the judicial Chamber commission, which will finalise the text before it will be voted on by the Chamber of Deputies in its first session following the summer break.
The monogram, meanwhile, shows a blue and orange GS, with both letters intertwined under the house's crown.

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