Friday, October 5, 2012

Serbia – Reburial of Yugoslav Royals

For years Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia worked tirelessly to gain two goals that were dear to her heart: the rehabilitation of her father, Prince Regent Paul, and the return of her family's earthly remains to the former Yugoslavia.

She was indefatigable in her quest. The first success took place last year when Prince Regent Paul was officially rehabilitated and his image as a patriot restored.

The second goal was equally challenging. She faced some governmental recalcitrance, as well as opposition from some surprising quarters. Both were eventually overcome, the Serbian Orthodox Church providing Princess Elizabeth with its support.

The remains of Prince Regent Paul, Princess Olga and their son Prince Nicholas were exhumed last week from a cemetery in Lausanne, where they rested next to the grave of Queen Mother Helen of Romania. Besides being first cousins, Olga and Helen were also dear, loving friends. Their lives were bound by deep bonds of affection and the sharing of countless challenges and tragedies, ranging from exile to loss of personal property and untimely family loss.

The descendants of Prince Regent Paul and Princess Olga are now in Serbia attending the reburial of their loved ones. With Princess Elizabeth are two of her children (Catherine Oxenberg and Nicholas Balfour), while her brother Prince Alexander is accompanied by his wife Princess Barbara and their son Dushan, as well as by Prince Michel, Alexander's son from his first marriage to Princess Maria Pia of Savoy. With them are their cousins, including: Archduchess Helen of Austria, Prince Michael of Kent, Count Hans Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach and members of their respective families.

Other members of the Serbian Royal Family present include: Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Prince Vladimir, Prince George, Princess Linda, Princess Birgitta, as well as ministers from the Serbian government, members of the diplomatic corps, religious and other officials.

Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia (©Eurohistory).

Princess Olga, Prince Alexander, princess Elizabeth
and Prince Nicholas of Yugoslavia (©Eurohistory).

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia (©Eurohistory).

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