Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Romania: Stunning News, Prince Nicholas Disinherited

In a stunningly shocking decision, King Michael announced that his grandson Prince Nicholas would no longer be "prince" or bear the style of "Royal Highness." Logically, the popular young man has also been removed from the line of succession!


  1. This would seem to be the end of the monarchist cause in Romania. Not that a restoration was likely, but, unlike in most other former European monarchies, it always seemed like it was a real if remote possibility. I deeply regret it, but this would seem to move it clearly outside the realm of possibility.

  2. This is like a repeat of the most sordid aspects of Roumanian royal history, when the future Carol II ran off with Zizi Lambrino (and later, after a divorce, had an illegitimate child with her) and was removed by the government and the king from the succession. The conduct of Carol II, all his adult life, deeply harmed the Roumanian monarchy. The King, whose public conduct has been excellent through great difficulties, has clearly been made over-sensitive by his treatment by his father. The future of the Roumanian monarchy is precarious, at best, and to remove its one shining hope for a future is short-sighted and damaging. The King should meet with Prince Nicholas and successful members of other reigning families, among them Prince Charles and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and King Philippe of Belgium and King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands and utilize their experience and knowledge. The King has taken a dangerous step for the future of the Roumanian monarchy. He must use his assets, and Prince Nicholas is an asset who represents a possible reinstating of the monarchy. The Roumanian people cannot be expected to understand this tragic move by the King, and neither can anyone else.

  3. Disinheriting Nicholas does not mean anything. They are all just jealously guarding their position to a throne that does NOT exist anymore.How ridiculous!