Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Al-Fayed Last Blast – Financing the latest conspiracy theory on Diana's death

Personally, I am not a conspiracy theorist. In fact, I find these an attempt against my intelligence. Whether you, my dear reader, believe these nonsensical claims, of course, is your right. However, I simply do not believe that the RF is monstrous enough to sponsor, conspire or organize with "the establishment", whatever that is, to take out Diana Princess of Wales.

Mohammed Al-Fayed has spent the last decade and a half vilifying the RF and "the establishment", spending along the way a King's ransom on his own sad quest to prove that he shares culpability, and even responsibility, for the inept events that led to the tragic death of the former Princess of Wales.

Believe what you want...enough said!

From The HuffingtonPost...

CANNES, France -- According to a provocative new documentary at the Cannes Film Festival, Britain's royals are racist "gangsters in tiaras" and Prince Philip is a womanizing psychopath.

The movie "Unlawful Killing" revives claims that Princess Diana – adored by millions as the "people's princess" but viewed in royal circles as an embarrassing loose cannon – was murdered by the British establishment. The film was screened Friday for the first time at the festival.

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