Friday, May 6, 2011

Ilana Miller's The Four Graces – Queen Victoria's Hessian Granddaughters

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce that Ilana Miller's new book, The Four Graces – Queen Victoria's Hessian Granddaughters is in print and about to begin shipping!

This excellent contribution to the study of royalty will begin mailing the week of May 16 to all our clients who have pre-purchased and/or told us they want a copy.

The book can be purchased through Eurohistory at:

The Four Graces will also be sold at Galignani (Paris) and van Hoogstraten English Bookstore (The Hague). As other outlets join us in bringing this book to you, we will let our readers know!

Amazon will list the book this coming week!

The author, Ms Miller, will be at Eurohistory signing copies as they begin to mail!


  1. Looking forward to it.

  2. i love this book...i hope so much that it will be coming by in germay too!! it now only the USA. i hope so much it will be selled in germany too.

  3. You can purchase it through and we do ship overseas.

  4. I'll be in Paris at the end of June, will I find the book in Galignani?

  5. You can order the book from:

    Galignani has been sent copies, but as they use their own shipping company, we do not know when these will be in Paris.

    There are plenty of outlets where to get the book, if I may say so.