Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prince Nicholas Romanov on Bulgaria

In an interview granted to the Bulgarian news agency, Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov extolled his family's longstanding contacts with the Balkan nation.

One cannot forget that Prince Nicholas's grandmother was Grand Duchess Militza Petrovna, one of the daughters of King Nicholas of Montenegro, as well as a sister of Queen Helena of Italy, the grandmother of King Simeon of Bulgaria. Nicholas' father, Roman Petrovich, was a first cousin of Simeon's mother, Queen Giovanna.


Geneva. “I hope I will be able to visit Bulgaria and get acquainted with this country, which we have always felt very close, mostly because of the language,” Nicholas Romanovich Romanov, Prince of Russia, said in a special interview with FOCUS News Agency.
“The Bulgarian language is intelligible for all Russians, I find the rest of the Christian languages much harder. I cannot speak Bulgarian but I can read absolutely everything,” he added.
“The friendship between some countries and others – the traditional friendship between Bulgaria and Russia, the traditional friendship between Russia and Greece – all this used to have great importance in the past,” he remarked.
“To me, Bulgaria is something very close and at the same time – something very distanced. The Bulgarian relations with Russia have not always been easy. There were some difficult political situations,” Romanov said.

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