Friday, March 2, 2012

A Wagon Fit for a King – When Juan Carlos returned from Exile

The Spanish Armed Forces will have their own historic train. The "railway museum in motion" is a joint initiative of the Institute of Military History and Culture and the Center for Historical Studies Spanish Railway, under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense.

Its promoters want to put this convoy made ​​available to the military authorities in the face of events related to the institution, such as Armed Forces Day, the Easter Military or October 12.

The historic train project of the Armed Forces is the formation of a rail convoy consisting of a steam-locomotive-operation, support van, luxury parlor car for the transportation of military and other authorities and freight wagons , which will be located on old guns and even a battle tank M-41, a tank of the Vietnam era.

The luxury parlor car to be used in this museum is moving train which served to move to Spain Don Juan Carlos, from Portuguese exile in 1948. As is known, was at that time when Don Juan Carlos left the parental residence in Estoril to move to our country.

On this trip, are well known images of NO-DO which represent the arrival of a young Prince of Astruais (don Juan Carlos), aboard the "Lusitania Express" Station Villaverde.

This is a luxury car similar to the popular Orient Express line linking Paris to Istanbul. This car, which was part of the historic 'Lusitania Express' linking Spain and Portugal, is owned by the Center for Historical Studies Spanish Railway.

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