Monday, November 24, 2014

EUROHISTORY: Issue CI – Volume 17.5 – October 2014

We are about to send to print the next issue of EUROHISTORY!

Issue CI (Volume 17.5) will include the following articles:

1. George and Marina – A True Love Match, by Coryne Hall

2. A Royal Gathering in Denmark, by Ilana D. Miller

3. Hannover and Great Britain – The Personal Union: 1714-1837, by Katrina Warne

4. Aunt Gloucester – The Life of Queen Victoria's Aunt, Princess Mary, by Colin Parrish

5. Book Reviews

6. Royal News

We expect the magazine to be delivered at our office on December 1, mailing to begin that same afternoon.

Issue CII (Volume 17.6) will begin preparation in earnest as well since we wish to mail it to all subscribers before Christmas!

Our next book, QUEEN MARIA PIA OF PORTUGAL, will follow the publication of Issue CII...stay tuned!


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