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Divided in 36 chapters, each dedicated to a particular royal gathering, ROYAL GATHERINGS, Volume II, is a masterpiece!

The book's 248 pages regale the reader with a whopping 330 exquisite photos illustrating at a given point in time, some of the royalties present, or related, to the event discussed in any given chapter.

It is by far, one of our best books ... which continue improving in content and quality, raising the bar even higher than the previous EUROHISTORY production!

This is the list of chapters inside ROYAL GATHERINGS, Volume II:

Chapter I: The Russian Imperial Family Visits the Romanian Royal Family – Constanza, 14 June 1914

Chapter II: The Russian Emperor Declares War on Germany – St Petersburg, 2 August 1914

Chapter III: The Dowager Duchess of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha and Her Spanish Grandsons – Dolder Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland, August 1916

Chapter IV: The wedding of Prince George of Battenberg and Countess Nada de Torby –
London, 15 November 1916

Chapter V: The Funeral of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, King of Hungary – Vienna, 30 November 1916

Chapter VI: The Family of the Infante don Carlos of Spain – Madrid, c. 1917

Chapter VII: The Habsburgs of Teschen – Austria, c. 1917

Chapter VIII: Queen Maud of Norway Visits Her English Relations – London, England, December 1918

Chapter IX: The Wedding of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg & Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma – Luxembourg, 6 November 1919

Chapter X: A Gathering of Coburgs – Burglaßschloßen, Coburg, Germany, c. late 1919

Chapter XI: The Ordainment of Prince Georg of Bavaria – Ettal Abbey, near Oberammergau, 
Bavaria, 19 March 1921

Chapter XII: The Funeral of Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria – Potsdam, Germany, 19 April 1921

Chapter XIII: The Swedish Royal Family Visit Their English Relations – c. 1921

Chapter XIV: The Wedding of Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Prince René of Bourbon-Parma – Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 June 1921

Chapter XV: The Wedding of Princess Barbara of Bourbon-Two Sicilies & Count Franz Xaver of
Stolberg-Wernigerode, Munich, 31 May 1922

Chapter XVI: King Alexander I of Serbia & Princess Marie of Romania – Belgrade, 8 June 1922

Chapter XVII: The Wedding of Princess Nadezhda of Bulgaria and Duke Albrecht Eugen of
    Württemberg – Bad Mergentheim, 24 January 1924 

Chapter XVIII: The Wedding of Prince Wolfgang of Hesse and Princess Marie Alexandra of Baden – Schloß Salem, 17 September 1924 

Chapter XIX: The Kaiser in Exile – Huis Doorn, c. 1926 

Chapter XX: The Heinrichs of Prussia – Schloß Hemmelmark, c. June 1927 

Chapter XXI: The Funeral of the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia – Roskilde, Denmark, 19 October 1928 

Chapter XXII: The Wedding of Prince Christopher of Greece & Princess Françoise of France – Palermo, Sicily, 11 February 1929 

Chapter XXIII: A Royal Gathering in Northern Germany, c. 1929 

Chapter XXIV: The 70th Birthday of Prince Carl of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, 27 February 1931

Chapter XXV: The Wedding of the Count of Paris and Princess Isabelle d’Orléans-Bragança  Palermo, Sicily, 8 April 1931 

Chapter XXVI: The 70th Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Anna of Luxembourg – Schloß Berg, Luxembourg, 13 July 1931 

Chapter XXVII: The Funeral of King Friedrich August III of Saxony – Dresden, Saxony, 23 February 1932 

Chapter XXVIII: The Wedding of Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha – Coburg, Bavaria, 20 October 1932 

Chapter XXIX: The Wedding of Princess Elisabeth of Greece and Count Carl Theodor of Toerring-Jettenbach – Schloß Seefeld, Bavaria – 10 January 1934 

Chapter XXX: King Vittorio Emanuel III of Italy and His Family, c. 1934 

Chapter XXXI: The Wedding of the Duke of Kent & Princess Marina of Greece – Westminster Abbey, London, England, 29 November 1934 

Chapter XXXII: The Funeral of Queen Astrid of Belgium – Brussels, Belgium, 3 September 1935 

Chapter XXXIII: The Wedding of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands & Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld – The Hague, The Netherlands, 7 January 1937 

Chapter XXXIV: Hessian Tragedy – The Funeral of the Grand Ducal Family – 19 November 1937

Chapter XXXV: The Wedding of Princess Eugenie of Greece and Prince Dominic Radziwill – Paris, France, 30 May 1938

Chapter XXXVI: The Wedding of the Duke of Spoleto and Princess Irene of Greece – Florence, Italy, 1 July 1939

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