Thursday, April 30, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Pavlos No Ordinary King Now Available!

After a long wait, we have received copies of this great book, published last year in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of King Paul of the Hellenes!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Issue CIII Has arrived!


Because life doesn't give us much time to rest, as I returned from Europe, where we hosted the First Royal Gatherings in London Conference after a very successful book signing at Hoogstraten English Bookstore, I find here in my office boxes filled with the new issue of EUROHISTORY, our 103rd edition!

The magazine was redesigned and expanded, we managed to do both without an increase in price!

We started mailing copies today and hope to conclude shipping by Saturday!

EUROHISTORY Issue CIV (April 2015) is now being worked on – never a dull moment at EUROHISTORY!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Day One of Royal Gatherings in London

A day filled with wonderful lectures from some of today's best royalty authors: Hugo Vickers, Stefano Papi, Ilana Miller, Susan Symons and Katie Katie Kawalec Tice!

Trade and commerce

Susan Symons – Schloß 2

Looking at trade offerings

Hugo Vickers and Annet Bakker from Hoogstraten English Bookstore

Stefano Papi lectures on Grand Duchess Vladimir's jewels

The crowd of royal watchers

Katie Tice lecturing on The Daughters-in-law of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Coryne Hall on Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria

Hugo Vickers on Royal State Visits

Thursday, April 23, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Royal Gatherings in London Agenda

On Saturday, April 25, the 1st Royal Gatherings in London Conference meets at SPINK (69 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4ET). 

Those attending can reach the organizers at 0748-232-0428 in case they need any assistance or any answers to last minute questions.

See you in London!

April 25

930am           – Meet & Greet

1000am         – Royal State Visits, by Hugo Vickers

1100am         – refreshment break

1130am         Crown Prince Rupprecht. The Best King Bavaria Never Had,
   by Coryne Hall

1230pm         – Lunch break

200pm           –The Jewels of Grand Duchess Vladimir, by Stefano Papi

300pm           – Schloß, Part 2, by Susan Symons

400pm           – refreshment break

430pm           – The Kaiser’s Daughters-in-law, by Katie Tice

April 26

1000am         – Spain’s Habsburg and Bourbon Architectural Legacy,
   by Katrina Warne

1100am         – refreshment break

1130am         A Royal Gathering in Coburg, by Ilana Miller

1230pm         – Lunch break

200pm           –The Coburg-Kohary Debacle, by Arturo Beéche

300pm           – The Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, by Janet Ashton

400pm           – Closing

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Advance Copies of Royal Gatherings 2 Arrived!

Today, to our great relief, we were delivered of the first 100 copies of ROYAL GATHERINGS, Volume II: 1914-1939!

These copies will be first sold at the book signing arranged by Ms Bakker at Hoogstraten English Bookstore in The Hague (April 18, 2015) and then at our royalty conference, ROYAL GATHERINGS in London. April 25-26!

The bulk of the order is expected at our office by month's end!

Very exciting to peruse through the pages of the first of the six books we hope to publish in 2015!

And, allow me to say, it's a beauty!

UK: Prince George of Cambridge says "Daddy is not here" as he opens the China cabinet

Cute story told by the Duchess of Cambridge when her son heard that Daddy was in China...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Last Seats Available at Royal Gatherings in London!

We have the last few spaces left at the ROYAL GATHERINGS in London royal conference..if interested in attending, let us know!

For more information email us: or

Friday, April 3, 2015

EUROHISTORY: New Book: Maria Pia, Queen of Portugal

Sabrina Pollock, co-author of the very successful The Nassaus of Luxembourg (Eurohistory, 2014), brings to us a first English-language biography of Maria Pia, consort of King Luis I of Portugal.

MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL is a fascinating study of an equally interesting royal figure that has been ignored by most English-language royal authors. The book not only examines the life of this complicated royal lady, but also brings to us a view into into a the last decades of the moribund Portuguese monarchy, overthrown in 1910.

Handsomely illustrated and well-researched, the author visiting Portugal's national archives, MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL promises to be one of the most intriguing royal stories published recently!

Our reviewers best described the book as, "simply spell-binding...I knew nothing about Maria Pia and while reading Ms. Pollock's book, I could not put it down." "It brings to life the story of a fascinating woman, a beacon of fashion and intrigue at a court facing insurmountable is as if the stars were lined to guarantee her doom!"

MARIA PIA – QUEEN OF PORTUGAL heads to printing in a week and we expect to receive copies of the book in May 2015.

For further information, you may contact our offices at:

6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805

Ph: 510-236-1730