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Princess Daisy of Pleß – A Thought

Our friend and reader Mateusz Mykytyszyn, who is a Polish expert on the Pleß and their legacy, has penned this interesting piece on famed beauty Princess Daisy of Pleß.


First Photos of Princess Isabelle d'Orléans

From Lisbon we now see the first photos of proud parents, Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans (Duke d'Anjou) and his wife Princess Diana, Duchess of Cadaval, with their baby daughter Princess Isabelle, born just a few days ago.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

First Public Pram Ride for Princess Estelle of Sweden

The proud and happy parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, went on a stroll with their newborn daughter.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Prince and Princess of Monaco at the Oscars

TSH Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco were the personal guests of the President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts at this year's Oscar ceremony.

Later this year it will be the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Princess Grace, the former Actor Grace Kelly (Academy Award Winner).

I saw Prince Albert interviewed on TV. They seemed to be having a rather fine time!

Centenial of Prince Bertil of Sweden

Göran Alm, Head of the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, writes a piece here about Prince Bertil.
The Crown Princely Couple, Gustaf (VI) Adolf and Margareta, had their fourth child on 28 February, 1912, a prince who was given the names Bertil Gustaf Oscar Carl Eugen at his christening. 
 The young prince was born and brought up in a family full of heritage and traditions. His father was successor to the Swedish throne and his mother the granddaughter of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria. The Crown Prince family was also in many respects a modern family. One example of this was the fact that the nursery was located right next to the parental bedroom, and that Prince Bertil's mother regarded it as her principal duty to take care of, and see to the needs of her children herself. In the mass media of the time, Crown Princess Margareta was portrayed as the ideal image of the good mother, and the family symbolised healthy family life in the Kingdom of Sweden. Prince Bertil lost his mother at the age of eight when Crown Princess Margareta died suddenly in 1920.

His schooldays involved a great deal of sport, and at the age of sixteen the prince won, among other things, ice-skating competitions for Swedish school pupils. The headline in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter read "Royal record in speed skating contest for school pupils". Prince Bertil skated 500 metres in 52.9 seconds. This paved the way for a life-long commitment to Swedish sport and Bertil became the sport prince, who in 1947 was elected Chairman of both the Swedish Sports Confederation and Sweden's Olympic Committee.

Prince Bertil was trained as an officer in the Swedish Navy and for part of the Second World War he served as Swedish naval attaché at the embassy in London. It was during this period that the prince met his future wife, Mrs Lilian Craig. The prince's life changed dramatically after peace was declared in 1945. In 1947, his older brother Gustaf Adolf died in a plane crash. Prince Bertil's grandfather King Gustaf V died in autumn 1950 and his father then became King Gustaf VI Adolf. The new Crown Prince, the current King Carl XVI Gustaf, was just four years old at the time. Prince Bertil was second in line to the throne after the young crown prince. Back then, Sweden's constitution did not allow a prince to marry, as the law expressed it, the daughter of a divorcee. It was not until after the succession of our current King that Prince Bertil was able to marry while retaining his position as Prince of Sweden. 

The wedding took place on 7 December 1976, and Mrs Craig became Princess Lilian.

Prince Bertil was chiefly a travelling goodwill ambassador for Sweden. He referred to himself as a travelling salesman for Sweden Ltd. A considerable number of industrial delegations on missions around the world were led by the prince. His representative capacity, combined with his natural approach and charm opened many doors for these delegations.

Prince Bertil died in 1997.

Prince Bertil's royal burial site, which is situated in Haga Park, is open to the public on Tuesday 28 February, 10.00 a.m. — 4.00 p.m.

A major exhibition on Prince Bertil will be opened at the Royal Palace on 6 June 2012. 

Official Medical Communiqué Concerning Prince Friso

The statement of the doctor:

Prince Friso was brought to Innsbruck university hospital by rescue helicopter at about 14:00 on 17 February, after being buried by an avalanche in Lech. He was covered for approximately 25 minutes. At the hospital, after receiving initial treatment in the reanimation unit, he was taken straight to the intensive care trauma unit. This unit specialises in treating the most seriously injured avalanche patients with the utmost medical and technical expertise. The unit's head is Dr Wolfgang Koller.

Our unit was notified of the patient's imminent arrival and we were able to prepare everything in advance. Prince Friso was brought to the hospital under reanimation conditions. Due to the length of time he was covered under the snow, his brain had been deprived of oxygen. The result was cardiac arrest, which lasted approximately 50 minutes. The patient had to be reanimated during this entire period. Fifty minutes is a very long time. One could say, too long. We hoped that the patient's mild hypothermic state had sufficiently protected the brain against excessive damage. Unfortunately, our hope was in vain.

Since last Friday, a team of specialists has been fighting to save Prince Friso's life. Yesterday, a first MRI-scan was possible, without bringing the patient into danger. Since this examination and the latest neurological tests yesterday evening it is clear that the oxygen deprivation has caused extensive damage to the patient's brain. At present it is not certain whether he will ever regain consciousness. In any event, rehabilitation will take months, if not years. Prince Friso's family will now look for an appropriate rehabilitation facility.

Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich of Russia's Palace Goes Up in Flames

Earlier today, the St Petersburg palace of Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich went up in flames.

I have attached a link to youtube footage of the incident...the extent of the damaged caused by both fire and water used to fight the flames is not yet known!

The Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace is a Neo-Baroque palace at the intersection of the Fontanka River and Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The mauve-colored palace mirrors the Stroganov Palace, designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli in the 1750s and situated on the opposite site of the Nevsky.

The first Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace was built on Nevsky Prospekt in 1747 for Prince Mikhail Andreevitch Belosselsky (1702-1755) during the reign of Tsarina Elisabeth Petrovna; the building, far smaller than it is today, was designed in the French style with a large private garden and a launch onto the canal, stuccoed and painted in imitation of Parisian limestone.
Inherited by his son - Prince Alexander Mikhailovitch Belosselsky (1752-1809) - it was he that bought a plot of land in 1800 which allowed the building to be greatly extended. Prince Alexander Mikhailovitch was a close friend, supporter and devoted servant of Tsar Paul I. Due to the relationship between the two, Paul I allowed the revival of, in 1800, the ancient title of Prince of Belozersk. It was from then on that the family would be known as the Belosselsky-Belozersky family. The Rurikid princely double name Belosselsky-Belozersky is also given to their palace.

Alexander Mikhailovitch' second wife, Anna Grigorievna (born Kozitskaya; father was a Secretary of State to Catherine II, Gregory Vassilievich Kozitsky; he was also rector of Moscow University. Anna Grigorievna's portrait by the well-known French and Russian court portrait painter Vigee Le Brun is in Washington DC's National Museum of Women in the Arts, was an heiress of a great fortune through her mother, Ekaterina Ivanovna Myasnikova. This allowed further purchases of land in St. Petersbug, including the Krestovsky island as well as further additions to the Belosselsky-Belozersky palace. The palace passed down the family line to Esper Alexandrovitch Belosselsky-Belozersky (son of Alexander Mikhailovitch) who died at a young age. His widow, Princess Elena Pavlovna Belosselskaya-Belozerskaya (ne'e Bibikova) was the owner of the palace until the majority of Konstantin Esperovitch Belosselsky-Belozersky (the only son of Esper Alexandrovitch and Elena Pavlovna).

It was from Elena Pavlovna that the palace gained its present lavish appearance. In addition to the Belosselsky-Belozersky wealth, stemming from their south Urals metal works, Elena Pavlovna also inherited a fortune from her own family, the Bibikovs (and from her father's mother, born Tatiana Jakovna Tverdychev, whose father was the brother of the original Urals mining and metals entrepreneur Ivan Borisovich Tverdychev, the founder of the same above noted Urals' fortune and originator of the Tverdychev-Myasnikov's family partnership). She decided to update and reconstruct the palace to suit her taste. She had the old building knocked down and had a new palace built under the control of one Andreas Stackensneider the court architect of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. In order to do this, the princess had to petition Emperor Nicholas I for permission to commission his services. She got permission from the Emperor and the palace was the only private commission of Stackenscheider in the city. The princess remarried to Prince Vassili Viktorovich Kochubey, son of Viktor Kochubey, and grand-son of the first Prince Kotchubey, Viktor Pavlovich.

When the son of Princess Elena Pavlovna, Prince Konstantin Esperovitch Belosselsky-Belozersky gained his majority he inherited the palace and lived there with his wife (née Nadezhda Dimitrievna Skobeleva) and their many children. The prince more often living at a smaller home on Krestovsky Island (Krestovsky Ostrov), the vast Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace was a huge drain on the family resources, which had seen better days.

The palace was put up for sale around the time of the engagement of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia to Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and the Rhine in 1883. The couple, who needed a suitable residence in the city, found the building and it was made their principal residence after its purchase by Sergei Alexandrovich. It was he who gave the palace its present red exterior.

Under the ownership of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, the palace had yet another extensive remodeling and the interior was redone. The redecorating included adding a vast library and a Slavic revival chapel. The couple never had children of their own, but their Il’yinskoye estate was usually filled with parties that Elizabeth organized especially for children. They eventually became the foster parents of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, Sergei’s niece and nephew through his younger brother., Paul Alexandrovich.

Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich was a radical conservative and his policies made him a polarizing figure. In 1892, as the governor of Moscow, he executed the state's order and expelled the large portion of the Jewish population from the city. He was assassinated by a terrorist bomb at the Kremlin on February 17, 1905. The palace was then the property of his widow who became a nun in 1909. She went to live at the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent and willed the palace to her ward Grand Duke Dmitri. He in turn sold the palace just prior to the outbreak of the Russian Revolution.

Footage of the fire...

Centenial of the Death of Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg

This past  Saturday, the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg visited the town of Weilburg an der Lahn, Germany, to mark the centenary of the death of Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, who died on 25 February 1912 at Castle Colmar-Berg.

The Grand Duke was greeted by the mayor, Hans-Peter Schick, whose city is also twinned with Colmar-Berg. He then reviewed the Weilburger Bürgergarde, founded in 1813 by his ancestor, the Duke Wilhelm of Nassau (1792-1839), father of the first independent Grand Duke of Luxembourg and grandfather of Guillaume IV.

The grand ducal couple then visited the chapel of Weilburg for a mass in memory of Grand Duke Guillaume IV who ruled Luxembourg from 1905 to 1912. Until 1816, this castle was the residence of the dynasty of Nassau-Weilburg before they moved to the Castle Biebrich, which then became the official residence of the Duchy of Nassau.

The castle chapel has a crypt where many representatives of the House of Nassau-Weilburg. since the late sixteenth century are resting for eternity.

It is in this place that is also located the body of Grand Duke Guillaume IV. Other former members of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg in it include: the Grand Duke Adolphe (moved here in 1953) and his second wife, the Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide, as well as couple's three children: Prince Friedrich (1854-1855), Princess Marie (1857) and Prince Franz (1859-1875).

After Mass, the grand-ducal couple has gathered to his ancestors in the crypt.

Monday, February 27, 2012

First official photos of Princess Estelle!

Released by the royal palace in Stockholm!


Countdown to Revolution – Versailles!

"Lavish drama-documentary chronicling the final days of the Bourbon dynasty under the ill-fated Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie Antoinette.

Unlike his highly-sexed forebears, it takes Louis seven years to consummate his marriage - and his performance as ruler of France is no more."

Continue watching...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the Dutch Royal Family...Tough Choices Ahead

His life was one which many would envy. A successful London financier, with a beautiful loving wife and two young daughters, Johan Friso seemed to have the world at his feet as he set off on his annual ski holiday.
But the businessman, better known as Prince Friso of the Netherlands, the second son of Queen Beatrix, was on Saturday night fighting for his life in Austria after an avalanche left him without oxygen for up to 20 minutes. And the Dutch royal family are now facing up to the agonising realisation that the 43-year-old may never recover from his injuries.

His wife, Princess Mabel, a highly-respected human rights specialist and CEO of Nelson Mandela's Global Elders group, has been keeping a vigil at his bedside since the accident. His mother, who has reigned for 22 years, has been seen looking tearful outside the hospital in Innsbruck, her eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.

"The members of His Royal Highness Prince Friso's family need to come to terms with the prince's situation, and to reorganise their lives accordingly," said the royal household in a statement.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Duke of Palma de Mallorca Gave Testimony in Corruption Scandal

Iñaki Urdangarín, Duke of Palma de Mallorca, husband of the Infanta Cristina of Spain, went to on Saturday morning to the Courthouse of Palma de Mallorca to be heard as part of a broad investigation of alleged corruption of the Institute NOUS
For security reasons, it was decided that the Duke would arrive via car,  but instead arrived with his lawyer and told the media that he intended to illuminate the truth of the facts and defend his honor.  
Palma de Mallorca arrived from Washington DC, where he resides with his family. The Duke and his wife the Infanta landed on the island of Palma yesterday and lodged in the Palace of Marivent. The Infanta will not testify to the court, as she is not involved in the corruption investigation. However, she wanted to be with her ​​husband, silencing rumors of separation.

Swedish Royal Family Attend Te-Deum for Princess Estelle's Birth

King Carl XVI Gustav, Queen Silvia, accompanied by Prince Carl Philip and their son-in-law Prince Daniel attended a Te-Deum to celebrate the birth of Princess Estelle of Sweden, Duchess of Ostergötland.

Friday, February 24, 2012

More on Prince Friso's Sad Fate...

Doctor Wolfgang Koller said on Friday that it took nearly 50 minutes to reanimate the prince, who is the second son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
MRI scans have showed his brain suffered "massive damage" in the avalanche in Lech on Feb. 17 in which he was buried for at last 15 minutes.
"It is clear that the oxygen starvation has caused massive brain damage to the patient," he said. "At the moment, it cannot be predicted if he will ever regain consciousness."
Prince Friso, 43, who is married and has two young daughters, will be moved at a later date to a private clinic for further treatment but it may take years before he awakens, if ever.
He was among a group of five skiers who went off-piste despite an avalanche warning of level four out of a maximum five in Lech, an upmarket town that is a popular destination with the Dutch royal family.

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Dutch Prince's Prognosis – Permanent Brain Damage...

On 24 February, it was announced that His Royal Highness Prince Johan Friso of The Netherlands has “… permanent brain damage and may never regain consciousness…," according to Wolfgang Koller, head of ICU and Trauma Center, The comments were made during a press conference at Innsbruck University Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria.

As you may remember, Prince Friso was struck by an avalanche last Friday,  while skiing in Lech, Austria.  The second son of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the late Prince Claus was buried alive for — what has now been confirmed — 25 minutes.  The search and rescue team who found Prince Johan Friso tried desperately for 50 minutes to resuscitate him.  They succeeded; however, because the Prince Friso lacked oxygen for 25 minutes his brain was permanently damaged.

At this time, the Dutch royal family are looking for a rehabilitation center for Prince Friso in the Netherlands.

All very sad news indeed!

 Prince Friso and his wife Mabel attending the wedding of his cousin the Duke of Parma.

The Audacity of It All!

For this story is actually rather sad...

Prince Carl Alexander of Hohenzollern, only son of the late Prince Emanuel of Hohenzollern and of his one-time wife Princess Katharina of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, has married a third time.
Emanuel and Katharina were the parents of Carl Alexander and of his sister Eugenia, who married a truck driver by the name of Alexander Sautter and used to be a shoe saleswoman in a small German town. (Not that retail is not a fulfilling profession, but for a royal princess with her background, it is a tad shocking!)

The groom's elevator doesn't reach the top never has. He was previously married to Frau Angela Stöltze, nearly 30 years his senior. His second wife was a girl from Georgia, Azlet Temurowski, but the marriage was annulled after six weeks, much to the unsuspecting bride's delight, one must wonder. Now, the daring, love-filled groom, has married a third time. His new bride is a Congo-born 21-year old by the name of Corinna Nehemie.

For some time Carl Alexander, a man without career or education to speak of, has been living under the roof of the last husband of Zsa-Zsa Gabor, the soi-dissant "Prince" Friedrich von Anhalt, who is not an Anhalt nor a prince since he purchased an adoption from an impoverished Anhalt princess who would accept money for adoptions. Lovely is it not...

An exclusive was sold to German magazine BILD, that nation's version of the National Enquirer ( smelling salts please!)...surely an escapade to raise money for the faux prince and the idiot Prince.

How sad...What some royalties have degenerated into!

To add insult to injury, the groom, his sponsor and the bride expect us credible news organizations to attend a "press conference!' REALLY...

Vraiment desolé!

Further reading:

+ Infanta donha Maria Adelaide of Portugal (1912-2012)

The Duke of Braganza, Head of House Portugal, has announced the passing of his centenarian aunt, the Infanta donha Maria Adelaide of Portugal.

May She rest in Peace...

The Prince of Wales attends The Prince's Trust's Invest in Futures Gala Dinner

23rd February 2012
The Prince of Wales was joined by Cheryl Cole, Jools Holland, Lulu, Michael McIntyre and Alison Moyet at a gala dinner tonight to raise funds for his charity The Prince's Trust.
The annual Invest in Futures event, supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, took place at The Savoy and saw the financial community demonstrate its support for more than a million unemployed young people in the UK today.

Cole appeared on stage with McIntyre to announce one of the auction lots during the charity dinner - an afternoon tea for four with Cole at a top London hotel.

The singer set up The Cheryl Cole Foundation last year, helping support The Princes Trust and disadvantaged young people in the North East.

She said: "This afternoon tea is a fun way to raise money for a charity close to my heart. I am a huge fan of the work of the Prince's Trust. My Foundation is supporting the work of the Prince's Trust in the North East, helping young people from my part of the world to get their lives on track. It's a really difficult time for young people at the moment."

The Prince said: "One of the people who's here this evening, to whom I owe an awful lot, I think, is Cheryl Cole, who has been kind enough to come this evening and apart from anything else, to offer herself as an auction prize, but only for tea."

The dinner was attended by hedge fund leaders and global financiers. It is hoped they will unite the financial services industry to invest in disadvantaged young people, helping them become economically active.

Other celebrity supporters of the Trust pledged their support by offering auction lots including a trip to the American Idol finale in Los Angeles and a day behind the scenes at the Downton Abbey set.

Dame Helen Mirren donated an evening dress which she wore to the Nobel Peace Concert in Oslo and Sir Peter Blake pledged a limited edition signed piece of artwork.

The Swedish Name is Out...Most Non-traditional!

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's firstborn, who will most likely succeed to the Swedish throne after her mother, has been named: Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary.

The choice, if I may say so, is most un-conventional...then again we are witnessing the transformation of monarchy from a traditional institution to one that has boarded the unconventional bandwagon in order to stay with the times.

 Smelling salts anyone...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crown Princess Victoria and her Baby Daughter Leave Hospital

Crown Princess Victoria and her baby daughter, accompanied by Prince Daniel, have left Karolinska Hospital!

More on the Swedish Royal Birth!

STOCKHOLM — Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her first child Thursday, a baby girl who will one day become queen, prompting banner headlines and 21-gun salutes across the country.

The news gave the royal family a respite from the negative headlines that have dogged King Carl XVI Gustaf, Victoria's father, after a 2010 book made scandalous claims about his private life.
The girl, who is second in line to the Swedish throne, was born at 4:26 a.m. (0326 GMT), said Victoria's husband, Prince Daniel. She was 20 inches (51 cms) long and weighed 7.23 pounds (3.28 kg).

Both the crown princess and the baby are "doing very well," an emotional Daniel told reporters who had waited for the announcement all night at the Karolinska University Hospital in the Stockholm suburb of Solna.

"My feelings are a bit all over the place," he said, switching to English mid-sentence.
"When I left the room, the little princess was sleeping on her mother's chest and they were looking very cozy," he continued in Swedish, folding his arms as if cradling a baby.

Victoria, 34, is next in line to the throne held by her father since 1973. Sweden changed the constitution in 1980, three years after Victoria was born, to allow the eldest heir to inherit the throne regardless of gender. Before that female heirs were excluded.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Royal Birth in Sweden – It's a Girl!

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden welcomed today a baby girl!

Press Conference at Karolinska Hospital – Stockholm

Prince Daniel of Sweden is about to give a press conference regarding the birth of his first child!

Swedish Royal Birth – Prince Daniel of Sweden to Meet the Press at 700am!


Prins Daniel möter media / Prince Daniel will meet with media

Prins Daniel möter media idag den 23 februari klockan 07.00 i Karolinska sjukhusets aula Nanna Svartz.Nanna Svartz aula nås via Karolinska sjukhusets huvudentré.
Presslegitimation erfordras för inpassering till aulan.
In English:
On the occasion of the royal birth, Prince Daniel will meet with media today at 7 am in the Nanna Svartz auditorium at Karolinska hospital, Stockholm.
The Nanna Schvartz auditorium is located in the main building at Karolinska hospital, reached via the main entrance.

Near Birth in House Sweden!

Swedish news organizations are all agog about the imminent birth of Crown Princess Victoria's first child.

Apparently, according to unsubstantiated Swedish news reports, she is now in hospital and labor has began!

We are watching Swedish news online and photos of a royal caravan heading to hospital were already posted!

Birth in House France!

HRH The Duchess d'Anjou, Diana (Duchess of Cadaval), gave birth the her first child earlier today.

The happy event took place in Lisbon and both baby and mother seem to be doing quite well!

The proud father, Prince Charles Philippe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou, is the eldest of two sons of Prince Michel of France, Count d'Evreux, and of his wife Princess Beatrice (née Pasquier de Franclieu). Anjou's paternal grandparents were the late Count and Countess of Paris, Henri and Isabelle.

Her parents gave the baby, the newest member of the French Royal House, the name Isabelle, to honor her remarkable and well-remembered great-grandmother, who died in 2003.

Swedish Royal Baby...

Crown Princess Victoria, who is due to give birth sooner rather than later, is carrying on her last few engagements before taking time off to await the birth of her first child.

Crown Princess Victoria greeting the Finnish President. Standing behind
Victoria are her husband Prince Daniel and Queen Silvia.

A Memorable Royal 1828!

Princess Feodora of Leiningen (b. 7 December 1807, d. 23 September 1872) was the only daughter of Fürst Emich Carl of Leiningen (1763–1814) and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (later Saxe-Coburg & Gotha) (1786–1861).

Feodora and her older brother Fürst Carl of Leiningen were maternal half-siblings of Queen Victoria, as well as first cousins of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, Victoria's beloved and talented husband.

On 29 May 1818 her mother remarried to Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of King George III. The following year she, along with the rest of the household, was taken to the United Kingdom as the Duchess' pregnancy came to an end, so that the new potential heir to the British throne could be born on British soil.

By all accounts, Feodora enjoyed a very close relationship with her half-sister, Victoria, who was devoted to her elder sister. Despite this, Feodora was eager to permanently leave their residence at Kensington Palace, as her "only happy time was driving out" with Victoria and her governess Baroness Louise Lehzen because she could "speak and look as she liked."

While living in London, Feodora came to the attention of King George IV, who in 1821 had become a widower. Fearing that Feodora's hand in marriage would be asked by her brother-in-law, the widowed Duchess of Kent became rather frantic. If her daughter were to marry King George, there was a possibility that children would be born out of the ghastly alliance. These children would therefore displace the children the Duke and Duchess of Clarence could have, as well as the only child of the late Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandrina Victoria, Feodora's half-sister. On top of these threats, the Duchess of Kent despised George IV and she was not about to sacrifice her elder daughter to his machinations and desires.

Royal matrons got busy finding Feodora a potential, suitable husband. The best candidate was found by the Duchess of Clarence (Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen), who supported the cause of her first cousin, Prince Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1794-1860), heir to considerable land holdings in Germany. On a visit to her Coburg grandmother, Feodora was introduced to Ernst; a good impression was made on the unsuspecting young princess; planning proceeded in earnest.

On 18 February 1828, she married Ernst at Kensington Palace. Soo after the wedding, Feodora and Ernst returned to Germany and settled at  Schloss Langenburg, his family seat. The prince had no actual domain as the principality had been mediatised to Württemberg in 1806. Feodora maintained a lifelong correspondence with her half-sister, and was granted an allowance of £300 whenever she could visit England.

Ernst and Feodora had six children: Fürst Carl (1829-1907), who renounced his rights and married morganatically and was created Fürst of Weickersheim; Elise (1830-1850); Fürst Hermann (1832-1913), who succeeded his brother Carl and is the direct ancestor of the present Head of House, Fürst Philipp; Viktor (1833-1891), who married morganatically and his descendants were created Counts of Gleichen; Adelheid (1835-1900), who married Duke Friedrich of Scheswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1829-1880), by whom she became the mother of Augusta Viktoria, first wife of kaiser Wilhelm II; and Feodora (1839-1872), who married Duke Georg II of Saxe-Meiningen, both being ancestors of the late Archduchess Regina, beloved wife of the late Archduke Otto of Austria.

Feodora's daughter the Duchess of of Saxe-Meiningen died in early 1872 of scarlet fever, and Feodora herself died later that year.

She remained a lifelong confidante of her half sister Queen Victoria, who felt deeply the loss of her adored sister, correspondent and friend.

Between 1881 and 1981 there have been nineteen marriages between descendants of Fürstin Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Queen Victoria. This long list of alliances between their progeny makes the core study of a book I am working on: Victorian Legacy – The Long-Standing Connections between Queen Victoria's Descendants and the Princely House of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. In fact, one set of descendants, the children of Fürst Andreas and Fürstin Alexandra of Leiningen are descendants of all three children of the Duchess of Kent: Carl, Feodora and Victoria.

I am including the list of marriages between descendants of Feodora and Victoria:

Descendant of Feodora                                 Descendant of Victoria
Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein      =1881=   Kaiser Wilhelm II
Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg                  =1896=    Alexandra of Edinburgh
Viktoria Adelheid of Schleswig-Holstein    =1905=    Carl Eduard of Saxe-Coburg
Alexandra Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein  =1908=    August Wilhelm of Prussia
Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen                         =1914=    Adalbert of Prussia
Friedrich of Schleswig-Holstein                   =1916=    Melita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Karl of Leiningen                                            =1925=     Maria of Russia
Gottfried of Hohenlohe-Langenburg          =1931=     Margarita of Greece
Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg                                   =1932=     Gustaf Adolf of Sweden
Frederika of Hannover                                   =1938=     Paul I of Greece
Louis Ferdinand of Prussia                            =1938=     Kira of Russia
Viktoria Luisw of Solms-Baruth                   =1942=     Friedrich Josias of Saxe-Coburg
Georg Wilhelm of Hannover                         =1946=     Sophie of Greece
Sophie of Greece                                             =1962=      Juan Carlos I of Spain
Kira Melita of Leiningen                               =1963=      Andrei of Yugoslavia
Constantine II of Greece                                =1964=      Anne-Marie of Denmark
Franz Wilhelm of Prussia                              =1976=      Maria of Russia
Friedrich Ernst of Saxe-Meinnigen              =1977=      Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg
Andreas of Leiningen                                    =1981=      Alexandra of Hannover

Fürstin Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HM King Harald V of Norway Turns 75!

Today H.M. King Harald V of Norway, only son of King Olav V and his wife, Crown Princess Märtha (née Sweden) , turns 75 years old.

His Norwegian Majesty was born at the royal estate at Skaugum on 21 February 1937. He has two older sisters. Princess Ragnhild, Mrs Lorentzen  (b. 1930) and Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner (b. 1932).

As Crown Prince of Norway, Harald broke with tradition by marrying his longtime girlfriend, Ms. Sonja Haralden, with whom he has two children: Märtha Louise (b. 1971) and Haakon (b. 1973). Both children are married and with children of their own. Märtha Louise and her unconventional husband, Ari Behn, have three daughters; while Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and his wife, the former Mette-Marit Tjessem Højby, have two children: Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus.

The Kents While in San Francisco

Last Friday evening Dave Higdon and I were invited by THR The Prince and Princess Michael of Kent  to the opening of the exhibition "The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860-1900.

We had a lovely time...

Here are some further images from the soiree!


The Finnish First Husband Caught Looking Where He Shouldn't Have


Dutch Prince's avalanche companion to be questioned by police

The Austrian man who was the sole companion of Dutch Prince Johan Friso when they were swept away by an avalanche is to be questioned by authorities and faces potential charges from Austrian authorities investigating the accident, it has been reported.

The Austrian public prosecutor has confirmed they are to question the local hotel owner Florian Moosbrugger who has been a friend to the 43-year-old prince since they were children. Up until now the 42-year-old hotel owner from Lech has been in a state of shock and unable to answer questions from the police.

The two men have known each other since childhood and had skied together countless times. Moosburger was left unscathed after the avalanche, as he was wearing an avalanche airbag which keeps you on the surface of the snow in the case of such an event. The 42-year-old hotel owner called the emergency services and reportedly dug his friend out with his own hands.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Princess Caroline of Monaco's Son in Trouble in NY

(Although the press keep referring to him as "Prince" – he is nothing of the sort...the Casiraghis are not royalty).

A vicious nightclub brawl resulted in Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi needing hospital treatment, it has emerged.

The brawl broke out at the trendy Double Seven nightclub in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan on Saturday.

It is believed the fight started following a late-night confrontation between the 24-year-old prince - who is the son of Princess Caroline and grandson of Grace Kelly - and his friends and former Manhattan club owner Adam Hock.

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The Prince of Wales as an Early Artist!

Unlike Princess Anne, who liked playing with toys as she posed, the Prince was "fascinated" with the artists and their palettes – and regularly tried to produce his own work.
The insight into the royal siblings' early life has been revealed in the unpublished autobiography of the late portrait painter Margaret Lindsay Williams which has been hidden for more than half a century.

In it the artist, who died in 1960, explains how the Prince and Princess, then four and two, came to her studio a number of times for one of their first ever portraits to be painted.
She explains how they both loved fruit cake and orangeade and how they were "delightful children" who "possessed such strong and individual personalities".

A seasoned professional, she provided dolls and toys for the children to play with but said that the Prince of Wales, who is now a water colour artist, was far more interested in her tubes of paint.

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