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+ Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria-Tuscany (1927-2012)

Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria-Tuscany, eldest son of Archduke Theodor Salvator (1899-1978) and of his wife Maria Theresa, née Countess Waldburg zu Zeil u. Trauchburg (1901-1967) has died.

The Archduke was born in 1927 at Schloß Wallsee, the family home his father inherited from his own mother, Archduchess Marie Valerie, herself the youngest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria (1830-1916). His death was reported by the eminent Paul Theroff. Archduke Franz Salvator died on 13 February 2012.

In 1962 Archduke Franz Salvator married Princess Anne Amelie of Schönburg-Waldenburg (1936-1966). Her sisters include: Princess Stephanie, wife of Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg u. Waldsee, and Princess Luise, wife of Prince Andreas of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, himself the last surviving son of the late Princess Margarita of Greece, eldest sister of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Archduchess Anne Amelie died early, before her thirty-first year. Her husband remained a widower for the next fourteen years, marrying secondly in 1980 Hedwig von Lichem-Löwenburg (1938-2000).

Archduke Franz Salvator and his second wife had two daughters: Margaretha (b. 1981), married since 2001 to Andreas Baumgartner (b. 1977); and Marie-Valerie (b. 1982), who in 2005 married Martin Josef Wagner (b. 1982). His daughters gave the Archduke four grandchildren, all with the last name Habsburg-Lothringen.

The parents of Archduke Franz Salvator, who for many years managed the estate at Schloß Wallsee, also had three other children: Archduchess Theresa (b. 1931), widow of Prince Rasso of Bavaria; Archduchess Maria Immakulata (b. 1933), widow of Count Reinhart von un su Hoensbroech; and Archduke Carl Salvator (b. 1936), married since 1970 to Baroness Wedith Wenzl von Sternbach (b. 1943).

Princess Gisela of Saxony (née Bavaria) is a niece of the late Archduke Franz Salvator, while Margravine Valerie of Baden is his first cousin.


 Archduke Franz Salvator and his daughter Valerie.

Archduke Franz Salvator (Vienna 2002).


  1. Arthur, do you know who is the current owner of Schloss Wallsee?.
    Juan Pablo.

  2. I do not know. His second wife died at Schloß Wallsee in 2000. So one can assume that until that date he still lived and owned the schloss.

    It could be like Schloß Persenbeug and its estate, which is owned by almost all the children of Hubertus Salvator...a family property.

  3. A member of the Gotha, who lives in Munich, told me that Archduke Franz Salvator died at Wallsee, which would also clear Juan Pablo's question.

  4. Thanks so much. So both castles are co-owned by the all the chidren and in the case of the deceased siblings, the consorts and grand children as well. That would make quiet a difficult situation to handle with so many owners.
    Juan Pablo.

  5. Some children have opted to sell their share to the family. Archduke Markus of Austria-Tuscany, for example, followed this course. He opted out of the family compact and purchased the Kaiservilla from his siblings.