Thursday, September 26, 2013

+ Prince Alfred of Prussia (1924-2013)

It is with much sadness that I inform our readers that my dear friend Prince Alfred of Prussia passed away in San José, Costa Rica.

His passing, sadly, went nearly unnoticed as Alfred had been living with people who kept him from all those of us who knew and loved him.

I will miss Alfred. My last contact with him was several years ago, just as he was falling into the hands of the men who cut him off from us all.

HRH Prince Alfred of Prussia died on 3 June 2013, in San José, Costa Rica.

May he rest in Peace...

©Arturo Beéche


  1. Hello Arturo, can you tell us more about Prince Alfred having "fall into the hands of the men who cut him off from us all". Do you mean he has been abused by his entourage ? Thanks & best, Jerome

  2. I remember meeting him. I was sad to learn about his "entourage"!!

  3. Prince Alfredo was a good friend of my family for many years. Saw him and his wife at their home in Escazu a few weeks before the death of his wife ,but we lost contact with him after his wife died never to see him again,or know of his whereabouts. I am very sorry to learn of his demise. Thank you ,Sr. Beeche, for sharing the information. Sad news.. He will be missed.
    firma Lesbia Lopez-Quesada

  4. Read his book!

  5. I had a great wish of meeting the Prince, but, sadly it shall not be.
    Where is he interred?