Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tatoi Palace on the "for sale" list

In Greece, the debt laden government has announced a group of state owned buildings will be put up for sale, among them is the Palace of Tatoi. The Palace had been home to the Greek royal family before they fled the country in 1967 and the Hellenic Republic was proclaimed in 1974. When the family fled, the Greek government seized the royal family’s property without giving the King compensation. HM King Constantine sued in the European Court of Human Rights saying that because his ancestors had obtained the property through legal means and it was inherited through the generations, it was his personal property. While the court officially sided with him, the judgment was for compensation of less than 1% of the palace’s value.
The Greek royal family is now based in London but that is never “home” according to HM Queen Anne-Marie: “When I think of ‘my home’ it is the Tatoi. It is such a lovely place. Our residence in London will never be regarded as anything other than ‘home away from home.’” The palace grounds include 40 outbuildings, stables, and a cemetery where Greek royalty since 1880 has been buried. The Greek population appears to be mixed on the idea of offloading the royal palace which may make a sale difficult. In addition, the palace has fallen into extreme disrepair which could also affect the sale. There is no word if the King and Queen of the Hellenes are interested in re-purchasing the property.
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  1. the head of greek government railroaded this family out and has been unfair to them ever since.They should have been alllowed to relive in thier home and King Constantine has said many times he accepts the peoples decisions,It is shamful to us people in other lands to see this kind of nazi like treatment,even after his ancestors bought this land.You have a strict dictatorship and your prople are too scared to stand up and fight for xroyal families rights. As far as High court in concerned their value of Tatoi was way too low and the king should not have accepted it, so much for human rights.Greece is a shamful country and I will never visit their.A canadian who lives in democracy.

  2. Your Majesty King Constantine II. We pray that God the Almighty will change things in your country and in the hearts of your subjects , that you will once again rule as King in Greece.
    If only more people in the world whould be as humble as your self, the this world would be a much better place to live in.
    You are a great excample to look up to, you have lost every thing and yet you did not gave up.You stand on the knowledge that God had ordaned you as King and only God can take that away from you.

    May God Bless Your Majesty and your Family

    Gideon of Lunenshire Lord Wilken