Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Note from the Publisher...

Dear Readers.

I hope all is well with you.

Let me share with you what has been going on with me...

In May 2010, while in Paris, I was taken ill during a work lunch meeting with the editors of Point de Vue. I ended in the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital, the Hôpital Lariboisierre. While there the doctors found that I had a tumor on my upper jaw and it was growing at an amazing speed. Just a week earlier it had been only a bother. By the time the French doctors took a look at it, the left side of my face was swollen enough to prevent the eye from opening. They relieved some of the pressure with surgery to prevent damage to the brain. Once they got me stabilized, I flew to the USA for further medical attention, including a major surgery. I spent most of May and June convalescing and too weak to do much.

Then in July 2010, much to my utter devastation, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The oncologist who saw me found 15 rumors spread around the body, mainly face and neck.  More would be found later.

The treatment was initiated immediately and in the process 12 more cancer sites were found. I still have to have surgery in the jaw to repair the damage caused by the largest tumor. It was awful, just awful. A year later, July 2011, when almost nearly finished with radiation therapy and surgeries to remove these awful things, I suffered three small cardiac episodes in a week. Back to the hospital for more tests and now I take nitroglycerine to prevent any further heart trouble!

In the process I became deeply depressed and developed chronic fatigue. Once Dave and the boys left for their daily chores, I spent most of the day in our bedroom unable to even deal with leaving the house. It was, well, a nightmare. Had it not been for my husband and sons, and the psychologist whom our hospital put me under, I cannot even begin to think where I would be today. I am convinced that had this not been dealt with, it is quite likely that I would not be around.

As if all this was not enough, in November I began having extreme pain in the stomach and had to return to he emergency room. My immune system was compromised by all the radiation I was exposed to fighting the cancers. Luckily, this was dealt with and I am again on the med.

Eurohistory is me, just me. I have people who send their articles and help with editing. Everything else, since our assistant, David Mcintosh, returned to Scotland, is done by me. Consequently, the last year became a wash out, a complete loss, a devastating one...but from the ashes rises the Phoenix!

I am back working now five hours a day. I am making sure that Eurohistory starts again. It would be sad to see it disappear as many of us have invests fifteen years' worth of effort in it. It is our passion.

So here's where we stand.

ERHJ LXXIX is on its way to distribution in the Uk. ERHJ LXXX is finishing printing. ERHJ LXXXI is nearly complete and ready to print. These two will mail together.

ERHJ LXXXII & ERHJ LXXXIII will go next and mail together in mid January, to be follow by LXXXIV. Before the end of January, when we traditionally send renewals.

I ask of you, not to give up on me and my work. It is a promise to myself and all our supporters in 70+ countries to get back on track!

Best wishes for the New Year, Arturo


  1. Hang in there Art. Don't over do it. Your health and family are more important than some magazine. I wish you a speedy safe recovery.

  2. I just read the letter, I really wish you are doing better, continue feeling all the love from all your family, friends, and readers. God bless you