Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blic Magazine's interview with Serbian Princes


Princes Alexander and Philip, twins, talk with “Blic”

By Milka Radovic

Crown Prince Alexander II, Crown Princess Katherine, Princes Peter, Philip and Alexander together celebrated the Christmas holidays in Serbia. Last time the Princes were here was in August, and now they came to take a break, spend time with their family and to see friends. The twins Alexander and Philip, who live on their own for the last 12 years, revealed in their interview for “Blic” how much they like coming to Serbia, did they have any privileges in life for being princes… Prince Philip, who came to Belgrade this time without his longtime girlfriend Lucy Attwood claims there will be no wedding soon, before he realizes himself professionally.

What are your feelings about Belgrade?

Philip: I love this city, and my family is here. I come here pretty often, as often as I could. The atmosphere here is great.

Alexander: I love to come to Belgrade because people here are very interesting, and Serbs are very warm people, I would have loved to come more often if I only could.

Did the title of Prince help you in your career, and did you have any benefits in life because of that?

Philip: There are great expectations when someone is born with the title, and people usually believe that such persons are born with a “silver spoon”. It is much better not to show off the title, which is what I usually do in my professional and private circles, because I want to be just a regular person, which I really am.

Alexander: I agree with my brother, I like to show my professional and private talents, and 
that is something I can do without a title.

 Prince Philip.

 Prince Alexander.

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