Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Bavarian Princesses

During a weekend visit to the Duke and Duchess of Croÿ at Haus Merfeld, their Westphalian seat, I was honored to witness a unique moment.

For drinks one afternoon we were joined by the Duke of Croÿ's mother, The Dowager Duchess of Croÿ (née Princess Gabriele of Bavaria), and her two remaining sisters, Princess Editha of Bavaria and The Dowager Duchess of Arenberg (née Princess Sophie of Bavaria).

They are the last living children of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria (1869-1955) and his second wife, the former Princess Antonia of Luxembourg. It is amazing to think that their grandfather, King Ludwig III (1845-1921), was the last ruling monarch of Bavaria.

These three august and very distinguished women are indeed a living reminiscence of a time long-gone.


  1. Which sister is which??

    How do you pronounce Croy??

  2. From the left: HRH Princess Editha of Bavaria, HRH Princess Gabriele, The Dowager Duchess of Croÿ, and HRH Princess Sophie, The Dowager Duchess of Arenberg.

  3. Many thanks for this photo.Three splendid Ladies !!!

  4. @budkent

    Seeÿ/ for pronunciation.