Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plea Deal for the Duke of Palma de Mallorca?

The King of Spain’s son-in-law is seeking to make a deal with the prosecution to avoid jail time, after becoming embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Lawyers for Inaki Urdangarin, 44, are negotiating a guilty plea in exchange for no time behind bars and offering to pay the government at least 3.5 million euros in compensation.
Urdangarin denies any wrongdoing.

He told reporters outside the court in Majorca: “I’m here in court to prove my innocence, my honour and my professional activities. During the years in question, I faced my responsibilities. I made decisions in the right way and transparently”.

The former Olympic handball player, who holds the title Duke of Palma, and his former business partner, Diego Torres, are accused of diverting millions of euros of public money meant a non-profit organisation they controlled to private offshore accounts.

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  1. If he's innocent, he shouldn't have to make a plea deal.

  2. that's right, it's not possible to "deny any wrongdoing" and to "negotiate a plea" at the same time. The line about "denies any wrongdoing" is taken from older reports.