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La Veuve Sozzani...

An excellent piece my Marlene Koenig...

Donna Emanuela de Dampierre, the first wife of HRH Don Jaime, Duke of Segovia, second son of King Alfonso XIII, died on May 2 at her home in Rome.  She was born in Rome and she died in Rome.  Her first marriage took place in Rome. Her civil divorce from her first husband was recognized in Italy.  Her second husband was a wealthy Italian stockbroker.  He died in Italy.  Her long time lover, Federico Astarita, was an Italian lawyer, who died in 1974.

Although Emanuela and her second husband, Antonio "Tonini" Sozanni were separated for many years, they never got a divorce.  Sozanni, who supported Emanuela and her sons, died in 2007.  He was survived by his widow, Emanuela.

Emanuela, who was 98 when she died, was the daughter of a French viscount, Roger, Viscount de Dampierre, who had inherited a papal title, Duke of San Lorenzo.  He was married to Donna Vittoria Ruspoli, whose mother was American.   Emanuela's parents were divorced in 1930, and her father was the center of a scandal in Rome when he ran off with a much younger woman.

The French newspaper, Le Figaro, included a death notice, most like placed by Emanuela's grandson, Luis Alfonso de Borbon y Bordiu, who is considered by Legitimists as the rightful King of France.  

Death notices are not always accurate as the information is provided by the family.   Emanuele is named as the widow of Don Jaime, Duke of Segovia.  The death notice also stated that she was the mother of HRH Don Alfonso, Duke of Cadiz (1936-1989), the grandmother of Don Luis Alfonso and the great-grandmother of  Eugenia, Luis and Alfonso de Borbon.

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