Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shocking! – French Legitimists Distort Historical Fact

Revisionism is never a good thing...

In an official death notice for Doña Emanuela de Dampierre, Widow Sozzani, French Legitimists, who viewed her as the "only" wife of the late Infante don Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia, have rudely ignored all mention of the fact that the august lady was married in 1949 to Italian Antonio Sozzani, to whom she remained married until his death in 2007.

If one reads the Institut Duc d'Anjou's press release it is as if two different people died.

French Legitimists, whose mantra is opposition to the House of Orléans, at whatever cost, have once again done historical revisionism...a subterfuge that they are prone to embrace far too often.

The fact is that the late Infante don Jaime married doña Emanuela de Dampierre in 1935. They had two children. The marriage was extremely unhappy and dysfunctional. Divorce ensued in 1947. Emanuela found happiness with Italian businessman Antonio Sozzani, whom she married in 1949. They were still married when death came to Antonio in 2007.

Historical revisionism helps no one and lays one wide open for criticism.

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