Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eurohistory Issue LXXXVI – April 2012

Greetings to All!

As we await the arrival of Eurohistory Issue LXXXV (February 2012), we have sent Issue LXXXVI to print!

 Both Issues will mail at the same time, thus getting us all caught up.

We have already started working on Issue LXXXVII (June 2012) which will mail to subscribers in early July – You cannot begin to image what relief to feel knowing that we are back on track!

Inside Issue LXXXVI readers will find the following articles:

1. The Tsar’s Swiss Tutor – Marc-Ferdinand Thormeyer, by Coryne Hall.

2. The Shadow Behind the Throne – The Press Campaign Against Prince Albert, 1853-4, by Paul Brighton.

3. Death of an Emperor – Karl I of Austria (Part II), by Hans Karl Zeßner-Spitzenberg.

4. What’s in a Photo – The Wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus of Hesse and by Rhine & Princess Cecilie of Greece, by Ilana D. Miller.

5. Marie Adelaide – The Tragic Grand Duchess, by Sarah Marie Watts.

6. The Seventieth Anniversary of the Death of the Third Duke of Aosta, by Natasha Erbury.

7. Obituary: HRH Princess Maria Anna of Saxony, by Arturo E. Beéche.

8. A Quiet Royal Wedding in Brussels, Princess Paola Orléans-Bragança Sapieha Marries Prince Constantin Czetwertynski, by Arturo E. Beéche.

9. Book Reviews.

10. Royal News.

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