Friday, May 11, 2012

A Royal Candidate for the French Legislative Elections

Prince Charles Philippe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjoy, Duke Consort de Cadaval, announced his candidacy for the upcoming legislative elections for the French Parliament.

"I am French by birth, lived twenty years in Spain, I am married to a French-Portuguese and living in Portugal for five years. My professional activities also led me to Monaco and Andorra. I like to commit myself to serve the public interest. I spent nine years in the French army, two years at the United Nations, and always got involved in social and humanitarian actions. And this is what I want to do in the National Assembly, " he said.

The Duc d'Anjou is the eldest son of Prince Michel of France, Count d'Evreux, and of his wife the former Beatrice Pasquier de Franclieu, a lady well-known in Spain for her prominent role in representing haut couture houses. The Count d'Evreux is a photographer of note.

The husband of Diana, Duchess of Cadaval. announced last Wednesday, the 9th, his candidacy for election in France and used social networks to explain the reason for his candidacy.

The prince, whose deep blue eyes are a characteristic of the French royal family, is running to represent French citizens living overseas (Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Monaco). The French Parliament allows French citizens living overseas to have representation in the legislative chamber.

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