Saturday, June 21, 2014

Austria-Hungary: A Modern Model ...

The Austro-Hungarian monarchy provides a potential model for how the EU might reform itself, wrote the leadership of the pro-government activist group the Civil Unity Forum (CÖF) in an official statement on their website last Friday.
The CÖF explained that in the time of the monarchy, outside of foreign, military and financial affairs, Hungary had total independence and that a similar arrangement might be beneficial with regards to the EU.
The statement was published a day after one of the organization’s founders, Tamás Fricz, first raised the theme at a press conference in Budapest, drawing some public criticism as a result. The CÖF acknowledged that historical baggage might render the monarchy an unappealing template, but wrote that the suggestion was mainly meant to stimulate discussion and reflection on the future direction of the EU.
Fricz argued that the cause of the current crisis in the EU relates to the organization’s lack of democracy and sense of identity, along with its “gigantic” bureaucracy. []

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