Tuesday, September 22, 2015



We sent the magazine's PDF file to the printer in early July. They were expected to send the magazines to us by early August!

Apparently, they had some major press malfunction and they got ridiculously backed up. Not just with Issue 3-2015, but also with the next book, ROYAL EXILES IN CANNES. It has been quite frustrating, but it is what it is!

Issue CV (3-2015) finally shipped to us yesterday. We expect it here by Friday and will begin mailing it immediately!

ROYAL EXILES IN CANNES is expected to ship on September 29 and arrive here some time the week of October 5, a full two months late!

We are busy with the next book, "I did it my way ... " – THE MEMOIRS OF PRINCE ANDREAS OF SAXE-COBURG AND GOTHA, which we released to the printer yesterday and also with Issue CVI (August 2015), which is releasing to the printer in a week!

Never a lazy moment here!

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