Friday, May 29, 2015

Saxony: Images from the Margrave of Meißen's Visit to the Vatican

Images provided to us by HRH the Margrave of Meißen document his visit to His Holiness Pope Francis. The source is the Osservatore Romano, who hold the copyright.

With the Margrave during the visit were his wife Margravine Gisela (née Bavaria) and their four children: Georg, Mauricio, Clemens and Maria Teresita. Also along was the Dowager Margravine of Meißen, Anastasia-Louise (née Anhalt), aunt of Margrave Alexander.

Prince Clemens of Saxony greets Pope Francis while the Margrave and Margravine of Meißen introduce their son.

The Margrave of Meißen and his sons Mauricio and Clemens present Pope Francis with some gifts.

From left: Prince Georg, Dowager Margravine Anastasia-Louise, Margravine Gisela and Margrave Alexander of Meißen, Pope Francis, Prince Mauricio, Princess Maria Teresita and Prince Clemens of Saxony.

His Holiness Pope Francis and the Margrave of Meißen.