Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Launch of Princess Elisabeth of Thurn und Taxis' book

December 19, 2010. German born writer, blogger, and princess, Elisabeth of Thurn und Taxis recently came to Rome for the unveiling of the Italian version of her book “La fede dei piccoli” or “The faith of Children.”  In it she discusses using all five of the human senses in her search for God. The forward to the book was written by Pope Benedict XVI's brother, Georg Ratzinger.  Someone that Elisabeth and the Thurn und Taxis family has known for a long time. 

“I really like him, he's an incredibly pious man with a real humility and simplicity in the best use of the words.  I thought that he really represented what I love about the faith, which is not the intellectual, big theological questions, but really the quite simple and sensual and physical aspect of faith.”

The princess says she wrote the book as a way to reach out to a group of readers who may be searching for a source of inspiration. She draws on her faith to help her at all times because she says being a Catholic means to make God part of her daily life.

“If I touch on people's lives, if people love, if people feel something, if they can identify I feel that sort of the zenith of what I could achieve.”

Princess Elisabeth is a feature's editor for Finch's Quaterly Review, a journal which she blogs for in her weekly series “The Princess Diaries.”

She taps into her own upbringing in the Church for inspiration to write her first book.  She regales the reader on a journey of faith and stories of growing up in a royal family.

“The editor said do whatever you want with it.  I just started thinking about my Catholic roots and what Catholicism meant, or what I was drawn to as a child and what I still find myself doing.”

The book is available in German and Italian but she has hopes that the book will soon become available in other languages as well.

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