Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Poll in Sweden Wants the King to Retire

Whether this is a reaction to the scandals that broke out later in the year concerning the King's liaisons, or whether it is as a result f the Crown Princess' recent wedding, along with rumors of a possible pregnancy, a majority of Swedes polled by the newspaper Aftonbladet wanst King Carl XVIGustaf to abdicate the throne, thus allowing Crown Princess Victoria to succeed earlier than expected.

When asked who would be a more suitable head of state, those polled said:

60% Crown Princess Victoria
25% King Carl XVI Gustaf
2% Prince Carl Philip
1% Queen Silvia
1% Princess Madeleine
1% Prince Daniel
9% Does not know 

 The pool obviously shows great confidence in the future of the monarchy as Victoria is in her early thirties...but it also serves as a slap to the King, who has acted in a stellar manner since succeeding his grandfather Gustaf VI in 1973. Perhaps the Swedish monarch may want to consider following the Dutch example, of which I am personally not fond whatsoever, but if it helps the institution, so much the better.

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