Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Told Through Christmas Cards – HRH The Prince of Wales

I first began sending Christmas cards to various royals about 13 years ago. Since then the list I compiled has expanded to more than 300 recipients.

Every December I sit and think which photo to use. To illustrate the Eurohistory Christmas card in previous years I used photos of: The Countess of Paris, Archduke Otto and Archduchess Regina, The Duchess of Guise, Queen Victoria in a Santa Suit (the one that got the most responses from my royal friends and recipients), HM The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the Royal Corgies seated on throne-like chairs.

In return I have received hundreds of cards and these serve to paint a visual picture of how many families have grown, providing a time-line into the lives of the royals who kindly have added me to their yearly lists.

So far this year I have received almost a dozen cards, even though I sent mine just last week. Surely there will be more to come. Anyhow, here is an article in the Daily Mail using Christmas Cards from The Prince of Wales through the years...very interesting!

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