Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obituary: William Reitwiesner

For those of us who have been involved in royal genealogy, the name William Reitwiesner always evoked much respect and admiration. Bill, was possibly the best genealogist of our generation, by far!

I met Bill a couple of times. He helped me find information I was searching for and was an absolute asset to so very many of us. I spent two days under Bill's direction researching in the Library of Congress – he knew the place as the palm of his hand and no question was unworthy of a patient, nice, guiding answer.

Bill fought long and hard against the illness that took his life. As a survivor of one of the many costumes worn by cancer, I bask in the glee of having managed to make it through. Sadly, some wonderful friends, and people I care for deeply, were not as lucky as was I in 2010. Bill was one of them...yet he will never be gone nor forgotten as his amazing genealogical research remains behind, his legacy to a science he respected and shared with us all.

RIP Bill...we salute your legacy!

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