Monday, June 1, 2015

EUROHISTORY: Issue CV (June 2015) in Preparation!

Today we received confirmation from our printer that finished copies of Issue CIV (April 2015) will be dispatched to our office in 2-3 weeks!

We will begin mailing those copies on the same day that they are delivered!

Meanwhile, we have started preparing Issue CV (June 2015) so we can send it to print in Mid-June and have the printer send it to us by Mid-July!

Inside Issue CV subscribers will read articles on:

1. Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria, by Coryne Hall

2. Frederica of Hanover (Part 2), by Marlene Eilers Koenig

3. Who Is in the Photograph: A Gathering of Hessian Cousins, by Ilana D. Miller

4. Princess Catherine Radziwill, by Greg King and Janet Ashton

5. Royal News

6. Book Reviews

Pending space, we may be able to include other articles from among the many we have awaiting publication!

If you want to purchase a subscription, you can do so at:

EUROHISTORY is also sold at:

Hoogstraten English Bookstore:


Librairie Galignani:

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