Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hannover: Two Deaths in Quick Succession

It is with sadness that the Royal Family of Hannover announced the deaths the dynasty's two oldest members.

On June 1 HRH Princess Alexandra of Hannover (née Ysenburg-Büdingen) passed away. She was the widow of Prince Welf Heinrich of Hannover, an uncle of the current Head of House, Prince Ernst August.

She was born in Frankfurt in 1937, the only daughter of Fürst Otto zu Ysenburg-Büdingen (1904-1990) and of his wife Princess Felizitas Reuß (1914-1989). Alexandra had four brothers, all married with descendants.

Princess Alexandra and Prince Welf-Heinrich were childless.

Princess Alexandra and Prince Welf-Heinrich on their wedding day.

Then, three days later HRH Princess Monika of Hannover (née Solms-Laubach), stepmother of the current Head of House, Prince Ernst August, passed away.

Princess Monika, second wife of Prince Ernst August's father, also another Ernst August (1914-1987), was childless as well. She was born in Laubach in 1929 and married in 1981.

Princess Monika's parents were Count Georg Friedrich zu Solms-Laubach and his wife Princess Johanna of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. She was the fourth of the couple's seven children, who included: Irene, wife of Fürst Siegfried of Castell-Rüdenhausen; and Otto, who married Princess Madeleine of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (a sister-in-law of Princess Benedikte of Denmark). One of Princess Monika's brothers, Karl, was killed in action in early 1945.

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