Monday, September 12, 2011

Archduchess Sophie of Austria Talks to HOLA

Archduchess Sophie of Austria, Fürstin of Windish-Graetz, has given an exclusive interview to HOLA.

The meeting took place at one of her husband's homes near Caserta. During the photo shoot, in which several aristocrats modeled some of Archduchess Sophie's designs, she reminisced about the loss of her son Alexis.

She believes that her sojourn into fashion is more a "mental need," not a financial one at all. Since the tragic death of her second son, Prince Alexis, Sophie and her husband Fürst Hugo have relied on their Catholic faith for strength.

" Throughout this difficult time without my son son Alexis, I have lows points, but I rely on our faith which lifts me."

The family continues keeping Alexis present in their every-day life. "My children Maximilian and Larissa decided that their brother's room ought to be left untouched, just as he left it before departing us." She also said, "I usually do not dream about him, but I do find myself speaking to him throughout the day..."

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