Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Russia: Sublime Ridiculousness: Tsar Nicholas III

A Russian monarchist association opposed to Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna has chosen new Emperor...

WELCOME TSAR NICHOLAS III (aka Prince Carl Emich zu Leiningen)!

Apparently, these monarchists have chosen Carl Emich as the new Head of the House of Romanov-Holstein-Anhalt-Saltykov-Leiningen, better known as The Russian Imperial House.

I thought, honestly, that I had lived ing enough to witness it all...I was mistaken!

Furthermore, the Prince, sorry, Tsar Nicholas III, has also become a Russian Orthodox!

Can someone please find him a good history book, or better yet, something positive to do in life!


  1. So, what is his family connection with the Romanovs ??

  2. His paternal grandmother was Maria Romanova (1907-1951) whose two parents are grandchildrens of csar Alexander II.

  3. Prince Carl Emich of Leiningen is the eldest grandchild of the late Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia herself the eldest child of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia and of his wife, the former Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh (and Saxe-Coburg & Gotha).

    Kirill and Victoria Melita were grandchildren of Tsar Alexander II.

  4. A fantastic piece of nonsense! The web of Romanov ancestry has been so muddied, the links tsars of long ago are increasingly tenuous with each claimant, as to render this man's claim to be "tsar" insupportable and preposterous. What must these far-right monarchist groups be coming to to name such a man the tsar??

  5. So he and Grand Duchess Maria V are first cousins once removed and he's second cousin to her son. I imagine that would make for some fun family get-togethers if there are any.

  6. This man is totally delusional! How can he even think that his claim to the imperial throne is valid? He is a very mentally ill person.

  7. The true heir to the Russian Throne is indeed Her Imperial Highness Grandduchess Maria of Russia. Her Imperial Highness is recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church as the Head of the Imperial House.