Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Report: Queen Sylvia's Father – A Nazi Past

A report on The Queen's father, Walter Sommerlath, has been released today.
In order to clarify Sommerlath family circumstances that had previously been uncertain, The Queen has studied letters, notes and other documents in the Sommerlath family's private possession. The Queen has also searched for information in German and Brazilian archives, in order to obtain a complete picture of her family's history.  
Former military archivist and Director General of the Swedish National Archives Erik Norberg has evaluated and supplemented The Queen's information through his own research.

Norberg's research confirms The Queen's documentation, which shows that the Jewish factory owner Efim Wechsler was able to leave Germany immediately before the Second World War with the help of The Queen's father, Walter Sommerlath. Wechsler received a coffee plantation and three plots of land in Brazil as payment for his factory in Berlin. The plantation and the plots had previously been owned by The Queen's mother. 

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  1. I'm only on page 16 of the 34 page report. It's pretty boring stuff. Can you just cut to the chase and tell us if he was a Nazi or not?