Monday, August 29, 2011

Royalty on the Cheap

Sure, Kate wears Zara. And buys Frosted Flakes. But are she and the rest of the royal gang really "just like us"?

More and more so everyday, says "The Today Show." Between grocery shopping at the local supermarket and repeating an outfit (or twenty), the Duchess of Cambridge has demonstrated her thrifty side since ascending to royalty.

It's all part of a royal-wide trend towards frugality and a down-to-earth lifestyle.
Will and Kate flew home from cousin Zara Phillips' wedding to Mike Tindall this past weekend on a budget airline, sitting among the common folk in coach and spending a mere $62 on each ticket, reported AOL Travel.

Prince Harry also roughed it on a cheap flight, flying on the most low-budget of the budget airlines, EasyJet (a harrowing experience if there ever was one -- we've done it). The cost of his ticket? $80.

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