Monday, September 29, 2014

EUROHISTORY: Issue C ... Our centennial issue ... In Preparation!

Dear Subscribers,

It is with great pleasure, and no small sense of awe, and yes even accomplishment, that we bring you news about our 100th issue!

EUROHISTORY began with an issue first published in September 1997.

Through many growing pains, sweat and even tears, we have remained in publication. Economic collapse affecting our country, Europe, the world economy even, did not stop us. The illness a few years ago of our founder simply served to make his determination to continue work on royal studies even stronger.

Today, as we begin the final push to complete Issue C, our Centennial Issue, we must thank you all for the undivided support we have received from you through good and bad times. Your sponsorship of EUROHISTORY makes it all possible!

Inside our Centennial Issue readers will find the second half of articles dedicated to the start of the the First World War:

1. A Russian Summer, Part II – by Greg King.

2. Belgium and the start of the Great War – by Coryne Hall.

3. Who's in the Photograph: A Grouping Deeply Affected by the Great War – by Ilana Miller.

4. What Will the "Fox" Do – By Arturo E. Beéche.

5. The World's Peace Torn to Shreds: Romania and Greece – By Marlene Eilers Koenig.

6. “Some damn silly thing in the Balkans:” Montenegro, Serbia and Italy, and the Outbreak of War in 1914 – By Janet Ashton.

The magazine will head to the printer a week from today. US subscribers may have their copies by October 11, as long as the printer suffers no delays.

Enjoy...and once again, many thanks for making our dreams possible!

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