Monday, February 21, 2011

So what Will She Wear...

By Yvonne Yorke,

Along with the identity of the wedding dress designer, the actual design of Kate Middleton's dress is the most closely guarded secret of the wedding. Based on my knowledge of previous royal weddings, and from what I've heard from sources so far, here's what I predict Catherine (as she prefers to be called) will be wearing on the big day.

The Dress

First off, Catherine's gown will not look anything like Diana's, and I anticipate that it will be white rather than a cream or ivory hue. While the strapless look is popular with many celebrity brides, this is a royal bride, and that transcends mere celebrity. This means no strapless styles, no spaghetti straps, and no to anything that exposes the shoulders or too low-cut. If you look at previous royal bridal dresses, every one of them features sleeves. The last major royal wedding was that of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in June 2010 -- a wedding I covered from Stockholm, and she was the first royal bride to have a gown with an off-the-shoulder wrap neckline with short sleeves.

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