Monday, January 3, 2011

San Francisco's Famed Decorator's Showcase to be Hosted in a House With a Past

The Nazi Princess and her San Francisco ties...!

“The Princess, who has been described as a ‘notorious member of Hitler’s spy organization’, was believed to be in seclusion… at 2950 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, today.”

That must be one of the most surprising sentences I’ve read in quite some time. A Hitler spy who’s a titled princess is secluded in one of the best addresses in Pacific Heights? Surely a work of fiction?

Actually, it’s from an article in the Oakland Tribune, December 19, 1940. After reading it, I had to learn more.

It turns out that the princess in question was a 43-year-old red-headed Hungarian divorcee, Princess Stephanie zu Hohenlohe who acquired her title by marriage to an Austrian nobleman, became a society columnist, gained access to the German Reich Chancellery in Berlin and quickly befriended Adolf Hitler.

She was called a gold-digger, a spy, a socialite, a hostess, and one of the most dangerous women in Europe."

The famed Pacific Heights mansion at 2950 Vallejo, besides having housed Princess Stephanie, will serve as this year's Decorator's Showcase, one of the most respected interior design and decoration events in our beautiful city by the Bay!

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