Monday, July 15, 2013

Spain: No Abdication, but a Renewed Campaign to Better Public Image

That the last year has been a horrific one for the Spanish royal family ought to be unsurprising to our readers. What with the King's idiotic, because it was immensely stupid to go, safari tour to Africa, the rumors regarding his liaison with the safari's organizer, topped by the accusations, still unproven I might add, against financial wrongdoing supposedly engaged by his son-in-law the Duke of Palma de Mallorca, the Spanish Royal House has suffered great erosion of its popularity.

As if these three issues were not enough, His Majesty has had a long convalescence that has forced him to be out of the public eye. The fact that Spain is going to a devastating financial crisis, not the King's doing of course, has only compounded more ammunition for critics and yes, enemies, of the Bourbons to pile on the monarchy. This is a blatant effort by politicians and media to target the Royal House and blame the King and the Royal Family for events that are outside their scope of responsibility. And yet, the moronic actions by some members of the Royal Family have given the enemies of the monarchy the ammunition they were looking for to attack it.

It is, as I define it, the perfect storm: a bad economy, the image of a philandering monarch going on VIP safaris to Africa with the express purpose of shooting rare animals, accusations of influence peddling by his son-in-law, a retreating King whose physical state has been compromised by aging...all working to erode the pristine image of a Royal House that had been previously considered one of the salient institutions of Spain.

It is sad, to me, to witness the plethora of missteps that have brought King Juan Carlos to this point. To hear vicious, disrespectful, uneducated rebel rousers booing the Queen, who has done a phenomenal job for Spain since marrying don Juan Carlos, is just far too much for me to stomach. Doña Sofía deserves admiration and respect as she has been a tireless advocate for the downtrodden, needy and poor in hear her booed by a topsy-turvy crowd of ignorant people is simply painful.

One hopes that the King and his advisors will definitely reverse course and focus on retaking the high moral ground ceded to the monarchy's enemies by all these missteps!

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